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Why do you need to service you vehicle?

In long term, servicing your vehicle actually saves you money rather than generate additional cost. Every driver should also consider safety in the first instance, which inevitably means keeping your vehicle in a good working order

Change of oil and filter
Checks of the following elements and systems:
    Breaks (pads, disks, break pipes, level of break fluid)
    Steering system (steering rods, gear box, power steering oil)
    Power system (articulations, drive shafts, covers, oil in the gear box, oil in the rear live axle)
    Exhaust system (exhaust boxes, links, brackets)
    Front and rear suspension axle (control arms, bushes, bolts, shock absorbents, coils)
Inner and outer lights
Coolant levels
Air filter with replacement if necessary
Washers and wipers
Battery cleaned from corrosion and lubricated if necessary
Belts with regulation if necessary
Tyre tread and air pressure with topping up if necessary